Dragon Soup

Commission Terms of Service

Updated August 25th, 2019

By agreeing to purchase a product from Dragon Soup (the “Artist”) and sending payment, you are indicating that you (the “Client”) have read and agree to all of the terms outlined below.

General Policies

Dragon Soup is a costume making business that is owned and operated solely by Rachel Converse in Stockton, California.

The Artist will not enter into a contract with anybody under the age of 18. Minors wanting to commission Dragon Soup must do so through their parent or legal guardian.

Dragon Soup will not make art of copyrighted characters, including characters from Pokemon, Disney, etc. The Artist will not make art of characters not owned by the Client without expressed permission from the character owner.


All communication regarding this contract and payment will be sent through email. Progress updates will be sent either through email or Telegram depending on The Client’s preference. Dragon Soup will not use Discord, Instagram Direct, or any other messaging client to discuss business. Dragon Soup does not have a phone number and The Artist will not give out her personal phone number.

Dragon Soup will regularly export Telegram chat logs to their hard drive.

The Artist will set a schedule of updates with The Client and will message them even if progress is not made. (Eg. once every two weeks). Updates may be more frequent while the project is being actively worked on.

The Artist welcomes criticism and artistic input from The Client. The Artist may ask The Client for their opinion on their project while it is being made. It is The Client’s responsibility to reply to emails or Telegram messages promptly as to not slow down work on their project.

Email: rconverse@dragon-soup.com

Telegram: @DragonSoup

Concept Art and Style

Concept art or a detailed text description is required for a price quote. A reference sheet with front and back views of the character is preferred. Adult art is accepted.

Artistic liberty commissions are accepted. The Client may suggest general concepts like species, color, design elements, etc. but The Artist has the final say on the artistic liberty commission’s design.

The Client will be told when work has begun on their project. Once work has begun, major design changes (color, species, etc) will not be made. Minor changes will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The Artist will charge for the labor and material costs needed to facilitate mid-project changes.

Dragon Soup will not imitate the style of another fursuit maker.

Dragon Soup does not work with resin or 3D printed mask bases. They may purchase foam bases from other artists with permission from The Client.

Quote Process and Payment Information

All prices are in USD and all dates and/or times are in Pacific Time. All payments will be made through PayPal invoices.

Price quotes are valid for 90 days. Dragon Soup reserves the right to change pricing to reflect changes in labor and/or material costs after 90 days.

A 30% non-refundable deposit is required for all projects over $500. This will secure The Client a slot in the work queue and covers design, research and material costs.

Once the Client has approved of the quoted price, they will be invoiced for the deposit amount and their slot will be reserved. If the invoice is not paid within 7 days, the Client’s slot will be forfeit.

Payment plans must be negotiated before the initial invoice is sent. The rate at which payments are received affects the Client’s position in the work queue. Missed payments will delay the completion date provided in the price quote.

Payment plans for items under $500 are not accepted and the invoice must be paid in full up front.

A shipping estimate is factored into the total cost of the commission. If the final price of shipping is higher or lower than the estimated cost, The Client will be invoiced for the remainder, or refunded the excess.

Sizing and Duct Tape Dummies

A list of measurements required for each project will be given to the Client after the down payment invoice is sent. The Client must provide the measurements before work begins or the project completion time will be delayed. Please use a fabric tape measure to take body measurements.

Hand paw or glove commissions may require a tracing of The Client’s hand on paper. It must be mailed to The Artist.

Foot commissions may require a foot duct tape dummy depending on the nature of the project.

Full bodysuit commissions require a duct tape dummy (DTD). The Client will receive instructions on how to construct and mail one.

Deadlines and Scheduling

During the quote process, a completion date will be estimated. If the Artist is unable to meet the estimated completion date, the Client will be updated as soon as such inability to meet the estimated completion date becomes apparent.

Delays in sending the requested measurements or in making payments will ultimately delay the project completion date. Projects will not be shipped to the Client until full payment is received.

If the Client has a convention deadline in mind, it is required that they make this deadline known during the quote process. Sudden mid-project deadlines will not be accepted. Any rush fees will be negotiated during the quote process.


Finished products are shipped via USPS unless an alternate carrier is requested by the client. All shipments will be fully insured and signature confirmation will be required for all items above $100 unless waived by The Client.

For international Clients, Dragon Soup is not responsible for customs fees or tariffs; it is the responsibility of The Client to research what to expect when importing goods from the United States. Dragon Soup will not mark shipments as “gifts” to avoid fees.

If the Client and Dragon Soup are attending the same event and arrangements are made previously, the item can be delivered in-person. Local pickup can also be negotiated.
Dragon Soup will not ship to FedEx or UPS stores. Dragon Soup will ship to a convention hotel, but it is the responsibility of The Client to pay any handling fees levied by the hotel.

Warranty and Repair Policy

All commissioned items come with a 90-day limited warranty for workmanship defects. If something breaks due to workmanship defects during this time (popped seam, glue coming undone, paint rubbing off, etc) repairs will be made at no cost to the Client. Dragon Soup will cover shipping from and to the Client. If the Client is outside of the United States and shipping is very expensive, other arrangements will be made, such as repairs by another artist or a partial refund.

After the 90-day limited warranty period, the Client will be charged for repairs at a rate of $20 per hour plus material costs. The Client will be responsible for shipping from and to themselves.

The 90-day limited warranty does not cover, under any circumstances, abuse, theft, fire, acts of God or unapproved modifications.


If the Client wishes to cancel the project and work has not begun, all monies paid will be refunded up to the 30% non-refundable deposit. If work has begun, the Client will be refunded up to an amount reasonably reflecting how much labor has been put into the project, at the sole discretion of the Artist.

A cancelled project for which work has already begun, will have its design changed and the project will be sold to the public.

Dragon Soup reserves the right to cancel a Client’s project for reasons including and not limited to: poor communication, harassment or general poor behavior by the Client.

Photographs and Images

All photographs taken by Dragon Soup including work-in-progress photos or photos of the finished product may be posted to Dragon Soup’s website, social media feeds or used on promotional material or business cards. Concept art created by Dragon Soup may be used in the same manner. Concept art owned by The Client will not be shared on Dragon Soup’s social media or website without permission from The Client.

The Client may share work-in-progress photos or finished photos of their project privately or to social media. The Client may not use photos or concept art created by Dragon Soup commercially.

Molds and Sewing Patterns

All molds and sewing patterns created for the Client’s project are property of Dragon Soup. Dragon Soup reserves the right to use these molds and patterns for commercial purposes. For example, if a new nose mold has to be made, Dragon Soup may sell casts from that mold to the public as is, or use casts in future client projects.

If The Client wishes for a mold or sewing pattern to be exclusive to their project, an additional fee will be invoiced to cover time and mold making materials.

Allergy Warning

Dragon Soup operates out of a home with two cats. They are not permitted in the main work room or where materials are stored, but it cannot be guaranteed that projects will not come into contact with cat hair.

Dragon Soup operates out of a completely smoke-free home.

No materials used contain latex. Please let the Artist know if you have any other allergy concerns.


The password is “Clam Chowder.”